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Chicago Driveline Manufactures & repairs driveshaft for all sorts of makes & models, foreign & domestic, big trucks to small vehicles. We pride ourselves on being a full-service shop with state of the art equipment.


Our driveline repair products allow repair of light, medium, and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. This includes on-highway trucks, buses, delivery vans, and inter-urban vehicles. Off-road and construction drivelines are also included in these repairs.

Chicago Driveline has dedicated equipment and technicians to perform these value-added repairs. Products sold here include universal joints, slip yokes, stub shafts, complete driveshafts, and drive axle repairs, which include axle shafts and ring and pinion gears.


Chicago Driveline has extensive agricultural driveshaft and repair components for primary implement drives. These driveline products are available in both traditional North American PTO shaft configurations and European style telescoping tube-within-a-tube metric drivelines. The primary products available to this market segment are quick disconnect yokes, end yokes, safety shields, telescoping shafting and sleeves, clutches, wide-angle constant velocity drives, and complete driveshafts.

Heavy Duty Trucks

Chicago Driveline offers repairs and service solutions to non-vehicular and vehicular auxiliary power systems. These driveline products are used in agricultural crop irrigation systems, mill processing equipment, manufacturing equipment, hydraulic pump drives (PTO), and municipal systems maintenance. Chicago Driveline handles various product lines that are geared toward servicing industry. The products designed for these market segments are companion flanges, end yokes, auxiliary/hydraulic power take-off shafts, center supports, keyed shafting, and standard length driveshaft assemblies.

Aluminum Driveshafts

  • Accepted by NHRA for all Super categories, Competition Eliminator, and including Pro Stock.
  • Accepted by IHRA for competition in all categories.
  • Design Features:
    • 6061-T6 aluminum forged weld yokes for strengthened grain structure.
    • Internal stress reduced by machine work done with the grain structure.
    • Custom drawn 6061-T6 D.O.M. aluminum tube for consistent strength.
    • State-of-the-art welding processes for improved reliability.
    • Most NHRA Pro-Stock teams and many competition eliminator cars.
    • High-performance upgrades for OEM aluminum shaft equipped cars like late-model Mustangs, Camaro’s & Firebirds, also many Ford, GM & Mopar van & pickups.
    • Pro-street/shoot out cars